Four Denominations of Hinduism

There are four main denominations of Hinduism. Each of these denominations shares similar schools, philosophies, and lineage of helping the soul unfold to its divine destiny.

  1. Saivism

For the followers of Saivism, Siva is not just the supreme god but also a compassionate one. Saivites admire philosophy and self-discipline. They normally follow a satguru. They always strive to be with the inner Siva and for this; they practice yoga and worship in the temple.

  1. Vaishnavism

Vaishnavites or the followers of Vaishnavism, regard Vishnu and his incarnations, Rama and Krishna, as their supreme god. Vaishnavites are deeply devotional and are dualistic. Their faith is rich in scriptures, temples, and saints.

  1. Shaktism

The followers of Shaktism are also known as Shaktas as they primarily worship Devi or Shakti, Divine Mother. Shakti has many forms. While some of these forms are fierce, others are gentle. Shaktas normally employ rituals, yoga, holy diagrams, real magic, and chants to activate various cosmic forces and awaken the inner Kundalini power.

  1. Smartism

For Smartas or the followers of Smartism, the Supreme can take forms like Siva, Ganesha, Vishnu, Shakti, Skanda, and Surya. As this sect believes in all gods of Hindus, they are also called as nonsectarian or liberal. To communicate with god, Smartas use meditative and philosophical path.