Harassment of Hindus in Trincomalee by the Sri Lanka govt

Head of the Trust Board of the Thirukoneswaram temple trust Mr. Arul Subramaniam has become the recent target of the Government of Sri Lanka. Police are attempting to arrest him. He is facing police action for performing his duties towards the sacred restoration of the ancient Thirukoneswaram temple.

Siva Senai strongly condemn this unprovoked attempt by the Government of Sri Lanka. Recent history is replete with arrests and humiliations of Hindus in the Trincomalee District in the name of archaeological preservation.

Hindus are more concerned than the Government is preserving their heritage. No one can question the sincerity and dedication of the trustees of various Hindu temples in Trincomalee district.

It is a brazen act of a Government which constitutionally prioritises the Buddhist religion to the disadvantage of the Hindu Population. Trincomalee district Member of Parliament Mr. R. Sambanthan, who was himself a trustee of the Thirukoneswaram temple, will not tolerate this.

Siva Senai demands that all proposed actions on Mr. Arul Subramaniam for performing his religious duties, be dropped forthwith.

Let it be known to the Hindus all over the world, that the state continuously harasses Hindus. Hindus are not living with safety and security in Sri Lanka.

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