Hinduism: An Overview

Hinduism is easily one of the oldest living religions in the world; with estimated followers exceeding one billion worldwide. Hinduism is also world’s third most followed religion; after Christianity and Islam. The followers of this ancient religion are called Hindus. Though Hindus are spread across the world today, they are predominantly found in the Indian subcontinent. Though India has the largest followers of Hinduism, the only country in the world that has embraced this religious as its official one is Nepal. It is interesting to note that both Hindustan (India) and Hindi (Indian language) are both derived from Hinduism.

Hinduism is so ancient that there is no proper record of its origins or history. However, some scholars do believe that this religion existed on this planet even before humans started living in a civilized way. Though there is no single founder of Hinduism as such, its history can be traced back to the times of Indus Valley Civilization. This vast religion is, today, imbibed many cultures and traditions, that gives it a modern look with millions of followers.