Hindus are killed in W.B. post Demonetisation ?

 Is West Bengal becoming another Pakistan in many places for Hindus, after Milad-un-Nabi riots on Dec 13-14 at Dhulagarh in Howrah?

Is West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee trying to suppress communal riots issue by protesting over demonetisation?

WB CM was busy for running fast from Delhi to Lucknow, Lucknow to Patna for demonetization made by RBI and PM Modi… but, one Hindu area at Dhulagarh just within 20 km from her office at Nabanna (State HQ) completely faced Jihadi vandalism and brutality!!

60 Hindu houses, shops were put in Islamist devastation, put in bombing, arson, torture, looting at Dhulagarh and what not! Worth of Crores of cash, jewellery, materials, water.pump-power.tiller-sewing.machines etc. and other valuables were looted or otherwise destroyed. Hindu temples and women were also attacked by the Allah-Quran followers who came to Dhulagarh for attending Hazrat Muhammad’s birthday rally.

Heavily contingent of police and RAF were sent after the Jihadi hooligans completed their “Mission Muslim Bengal”. Ruling TMC leaders and major portion of Bengal there held nothing mentionable in Dhulagarh, but a conspiracy of BJP there. But why the state imposed Sec 144 for last three days continuously and huge police deployment at Dhulagarh?


PM  Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh  must take action against WB CM  Mamata Banerjee or the present culpability of WB authorities made in Dhulagarh under a bare Jihadi indulgence. Mamata can’t make ‘West Bengal’ as Jihadi ‘Waste Bengal’.

As  the Hindu peril at Dhulagarh in Mamata’s Bengal has now been cover at Zee News at “DNA Test” and “Taal Thok Ke”, there is no way make the Dhulagarh attack on Hindus ‘non-cognizable’.


We must appeal the   NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION  to intervene in the serious Hindu trauma at Dhulagarh at Howrah, send facts-finding team and  arrange compensation of Rs 2,00,000/- each of the victim Hindu families at once.

Muslims in Bengal are franchising their Jihadi powers in many ways all along to finish the Hindu demography in the state.

NHRC must probe in the serious Hindu trauma at Dhulagarh in Howrah, WB.

Now it is the time for Bengali Hindus to be united to save Bengal from Jihadi onslaught, cutting across the party-politics or organisational differences.


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