Karma and Reincarnation

According to Hinduism, human lives are constantly bounded by karma and reincarnation. The ancient Hindu scripture, Vedas, clearly define what exactly karma and reincarnation are. A secret to the spiritual awareness in Hinduism means understanding the concept of karma and reincarnation.


Karma refers to ‘fate’ in simple terms. The sum of all actions of an individual on this planet is what Karma is all about. If your current life is good, then it means that you have accumulated good karma. Similarly, if your deeds on this planet are bad, then in all probability you would have accumulated bad karma.


Reincarnation basically refers to an idea or the belief that when a person dies, the soul that resides in a human body escapes it and finds a place in a new body. Therefore, the concept of birth is not just limited to one life, and that your current life is just one chapter in the whole story.