Nine Beliefs of Hinduism

Being one of the oldest religions in the world, Hinduism has many ancient beliefs that make it unique and incredible. A spiritual religion that it is, Hinduism makes a devotee believe in the existence of god from soul and heart. On the whole, there are nine beliefs of Hinduism that makes it so different from other religions. Here they are…

  • Hindus believe in the ancient scripture of Vedas. The term ‘Veda’ comes from Sanskrit language and whose meaning is knowledge. Vedas are composed of hymns that contain god’s speech.
  • There is an endless cycle of creation, perpetuation, and termination that all Hindu people believe in.
  • There is only one supreme power that is both immanent and inspiring. This supreme power is called as ‘Brahman’.
  • There is a belief that divine beings stay in an invisible world and that the place of worship or temple, gives every individual an opportunity to communicate with the god directly.
  • Hindus believe in karma. According to this belief, you will get back whatever good or bad things you have done in your lifetime. It is through karma that your destiny gets shaped.
  • There is no particular religion that will indicate you the path to salvation.
  • Hindus believe in ahimsa. This means each and every life in this world needs to be treated with love and no injury has to be caused to any life.
  • Hindus believe in reincarnation. Moksha is attained only when you are free from the cycle of rebirth.
  • Hindus believe that there is a need for everyone to have a teacher in life that is spiritually awakened. Only he will be able to help you get free from the rebirth cycle.